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As businesses and facilities expand, so must the fire and life safety systems that protect them. The ability to adapt to rapidly changing needs and provide complete local-to-global control over your fire and life safety systems makes the flexible network solutions from NOTIFIER ideal for new construction, retrofit, upgrade, or expansion projects. With the power of our NOTI-FIRE-NET intelligent fire alarm network and ONYXWorks fire and security integration platform, you can unite and protect multiple facilities throughout a city, across the country, or around the world over a single network.
WSA has helped customers optimize safety and security throughout many facilities – such as schools, campuses, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities, government facilities, airports, or multiple facilities within an enterprise, Your diverse building management needs, no matter how demanding, is WSA's specialty. WSA has the right solution for your market.
John Zimmerman, Notifier
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